Recommended Dealers

There are many wonderful mahjong dealers out there, many of whom sell on ebay.  This list is evolving as i find out how people want to be contacted:

These three people helped with Mah Jongg The Art of the Game. The book could not have been done without them:

on ebay: Fracas1  (Katherine Hartman) :  Garland (Bill Price)

And Susan West at  Susan has a terrific website and a huge inventory of games. She might even have some not listed, so ask.  Susan and I also worked together on Mahjong is for the Birds, our guide to identifying vintage Mahjong sets.

These are other dealers,  some I know personally:  : antiquesareabetterbet

Shelley Giles

Johni Levine:  Johni has a huge inventory, and she can find matching tiles for Jokers

Susan Weir has some Bone and bamboo sets for sale: