Art Interpretations: Books, Magazines and Websites

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video about Chinese opera: It is in Japanese, but there are interesting photos of sets.

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An interesting academic article about the symbols n the Emperor's robes dating from the Manchu times, it clearly illustrates how much symbolism is tied up in each object depicted


Another good write up about badges on robes is this one:

And, coming soon:

Mah Jongg  The Art of the Game by Israel and Swain

  • Katherine Hartman started a conversation

     (friday, october 24 2014 12:45 pm)

    THE MAHJONG COLLECTOR, a quarterly print magazine. Mahjong historian, Michael Stanwick, along with mahjong researchers/collectors Bill Price, Tony Watson, Ray Heaton and Katherine Hartman, are happy to announce their new mahjong magazine for collectors.

    The quarterly print magazine will be out early 2015. Through email they will let you know when they have more subscription information available. If interested in subscribing to the magazine, please send an email to this address:

    THE MAHJONG COLLECTOR's Mission Statement: “The purpose of this magazine is, firstly...
    To provide a platform for Mahjong Collectors and enthusiasts to share their knowledge, skills and expertise of the history, materials, and the underlying symbolism of the designs on the tiles and, secondly... To provide a platform for showcasing the variety, beauty and the collector’s passion for Mahjong sets that will stimulate discussion about these elements of the game.”

    They will be contacting collectors in the future, for interviews and to be featured as Guest Collectors.

    They all thank you for your interest in their new venture!