An Incredible Multi-layered Set

I recently came across images of a rare set, and I want to share them with you. Brad LaPratt took these wonderful mahjong photos, and he is the owner of this set.

We all know of one color tiles (those we most often see) two-tone ones (often even more desirable) and those delightful three layer lucite sets. Here is one with even more layers!

This set comes with fun history: a clarification by the previous owner who used tiny labels so that players could tell which tile was which. I was just asking about how to "update" tiles the other day, so that players unfamiliar with Chinese words and numbers could know what tile was what.



Here are the Bams, but you do get a sneak peak at the layers from the Craks if you look closely.



The Craks are complete with stickers done by the previous owner to "explain" what the tiles represent



The Dots are simple concentric circles, with an ornate One Dot.



16 (!) Flowers



Here's a close-up of the One Dot, the White Dragon, and the delicate One Bam peacock.

And finally the big reveal from the side:


These tiles look like regular Chinese bakelite tiles just looking at their faces, but aren't they fabulous from the side? Maybe players need to build walls balancing these tiles on their sides, instead of front to back! To me they look like they would be very soft, but Brad says they are hard like bakelite.

And don't they remind you of a wonderful multi-layered dessert?



For more images you can look at Brad's website:!4tone/e990f