Bamboo in Chinese Art and Mahjong Part 2


From the Metropolitan Museum of Art we have this lovely work of art showing finches and bamboo. The bamboo is strong, growing right out of a rock cliff, yet it has a graceful elegance to it. Bamboo attracts wildlife, and birds often are seen perching and flying between the bamboo stalks.


folk art Flowers

Above we see some charming hand carved Mahjong Flowers with a bit of a folk art feel to them. Note the top row #3, a bird flying by a stalk of bamboo! You can recognize the triangles facing the left, the Chinese character for bamboo. What is fun about this type of tile is that it is made of bone and bamboo, so bamboo is present twice, front and back.



Bamboo can even appear on a One Bam, complete with its avian friend. Here we see one carved in  Chinese Bakelite.


bird and bamboo

And here again from another bone and bamboo Mahjong set, on tile (you guessed it!) #3.

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One thought on “Bamboo in Chinese Art and Mahjong Part 2

  1. Tony

    I love seeing these little birds and insects flying around the foliage - a real sense of humour from the carver!
    Love what you're doing with these pages - keep it up, girl!

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