Casein Green and Red Set Dragons and Winds

The use of the single color on the tiles continues to the Dragons and Winds.

DSC_0731 again The Dragons are like those normally seen in some of the old bone and bamboo sets, as well as some bakelite ones. The presence of the P for Po (blank) is there to differentiate the front from the back of the tile. When White Dragons were made of bone and bamboo, it was easy to tell the front from the back of the tile, but when made of plastic, people could not tell the front of the blank White Dragon from the back. (When sets were first made of plastic, manufacturers did not think that they needed to mark the White Dragon. You can see how people would have a problem knowing front from back as you can see between the White Dragon and the blank back  of a tile to the right of it. The companies soon demarcated  the White Dragons, probably after receiving many complaints!)

DSC_0731 winds


The Winds have a bit of style in the carving.


The top of the box it came in.

Flowers will be shown March 16th.