Laminate Mahjong Tiles: Dots and Winds

DSC_0713 dots

The One Dot in this Mahjong set has the bright blue we saw on the One Bam peacock's tail. The center, with its four small ovals, is similar to some we have seen before.  The colors in this set, with the use of gold and other brilliant colors, are reminiscent of those seen in some of the Viennese Secessionist art, such as paintings by Klimt. To see works by Klimt in Wikipedia, click here.

The other Dots are deeply carved, with circles within circles. The innermost circle just has a dot of gold paint. We saw that here.


You can quickly see how different this hand carved set of Winds are than what we are used to seeing, with the South and East very different indeed. Compare the above with the hand carved bone and bamboo set seen below.

DSC_0857 news

The Flowers and Dragons will appear on March 11.