Laminate Mahjong Tiles: Bams and Craks


DSC_0705 purple

This delightful hand carved Mahjong set is very different from those we are used to seeing.

The white plastic laminate is on top of a purple plastic back which is three times its depth. The two pieces clearly were made separately and then glued together.

The Mahjong One Bam peacock is outstanding. Who can resist that bright blue tail and the two feathers atop its head? As is the case with many of these unusual laminate sets, many of the details have carvings of different depths.


On the One Bam the tail circles are quite deep, and then painted with gold paint.



Note the number of dots in each tail is different, and the outline of the bird is either blue or gray.

The other Bams have a peppermint stick look to them with their coloring, with not even a glimpse of the greens we are used to seeing.


The Craks are quite wonderful too. The Arabic numbers were carved with a bit of flair, as were the Chinese numbers. The Wans are the simple form.

It bears some resemblance to another set we examined earlier.

More of the set will be posted March 10.