Thick Bone and Bamboo Mahjong Chirping Bird


This very thick bone and bamboo mahjong set, not intended for export because of the lack of Western letters and Arabic numbers, has a few touches to delight the player and collector. The chirping bird One Bam is one of them.


Notice the bird's mouth open in song, the claws wrapped around the branch, and the detail given to the neck and eyes.

The other Bams are rounded, and the Dots vary from the six petaled flower within flower seen on the One Dot, to the six petaled flower within a circle seen on the others.

As often  happens, mahjong tiles were lost over time. The owner of this set, however, was quite industrious; other bone and bamboo mahjong tiles were substituted for missing ones and another was carved. It is believed the other tiles were from another set because only the substituted tiles have pencil written letters and numbers.

DSC_0696 8

The substituted tile.


DSC_0696 south

Carved tile with S for South.


DSC_0696 north

Carved 8 Bam and North.


DSC_0697 bird

An attempt to match the bird in song.



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  1. Sam

    I like that chirping bird on the branch—quite animated— and its replacement tile isn't bad either.

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