Green One Dot Bone and Bamboo Mahjong



This thick bone  set has one of the Chinese porcelain ball-like One Dots. Here the center is a flower, with partial flowers at the compass points. The other dots continue the floral center, meaning they all have to be hand-carved (the circle centers can be made with a handheld drill).  The Bams are  barbed, and the Wans on the Craks very simple and small, almost looking too small for the space. The color green is certainly predominant in this set.

The Winds are uniform in color and the Red and Green Dragons are the Chinese characters, with the White being blank.

The Flowers on the right are plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. (The Chinese word for bamboo is usually easy to read with its two similar sticks with two left jutting upper strokes.) The flowers on the left may be peony, lotus,  unknown and narcissus.