Unusual Dots with Different Centers



The photograph of this lovely set was sent by reader Bill Price.

The very thick bone and bamboo tiles have some very interesting designs.  Each One Dot is unique, rarely seen in sets. The centers feature three flowers we associate with the seasons: chrysanthemum, plum blossom, and orchid. The farthest left tile image remains a mystery, but if anyone has any ideas please let us know.

The One Bam sprout is somewhat unusual. You can see the sprout, with the bamboo shoot below it. Sometime people call this the "pineapple" Bam, and you can easily see why.



The set was made for export as can be seen by the presence of Western letters and Arabic numbers.

Other tiles have some unusual qualities as well. The Dots are the flower within a circle. We have seen the 9 Dot arrangement before, but it does not appear that often and remains a favorite among collectors.  It is possible this only appears on sets made for export. The Craks are the elaborate Wans. The Bams are of the barbed variety.

The remaining tiles will be posted tomorrow.

Our thanks to Bill for sharing these photographs with us.

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