Fortune and Honor

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Our thanks to Ray Heaton for providing translations and context for these bone and bamboo Mahjong Flowers.

Read right to left

The top row are 李逵抬親, Li, Kui, Tai, Qin.  The first two are the name Li Kui, one of the characters from the story, the second two are "carry" and "parent".  Li Kui's story is shown here  in wikipedia

In this story is an episode where he carries his mother on his back, but leaves her to fetch water; while he is away she is attacked and killed by tigers.

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Bottom row, right to left; 張順請医, Zhang, Shun, Qing, Yi. The first two are the name of another character in the story, Zhang Shun. The second two mean "request" and "doctor". Take a look here for information about him in wikipedia. 

The tiles refer to an episode in the story where Zhang Shun goes off to seek the physician An Daoquan to help treat his friend Song Jiang.

And finally the Winds and Dragons:

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You can see how thick the bone is on these tiles. The White Dragon is the simple white bone and bamboo tile often seen on these sets.