Arkmel Tiles

DSC_0884 This wood set has printed lithography "tile"faces glued onto the wood.  It is hard to compete with the delightful One Dot and One Bam, but the Flowers on this set do hold their own, although they are not typical of the flowers associated with China. You will notice the top row has Chinese numbers placed on the top on the 1 Flower, but hidden lower down on the others, almost looking like part of the design. The flowers are a chrysanthemum, iris, peony, and poppy. The birds probably are a crane, swallow, vulture, and duck. It was just suggested by  a reader the bird on tile 3 might be a cormorant, which ties in nicely with Chinese life and fishing practices.


Above is a photo taken from Wikipedia showing a Chinese fisherman and his cormorants.

Click here for more from Wikipedia

A beautiful article on cormorant fishing can be found in The Atlantic magazine.


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