Green set



Sometimes a set stands out because of the lovely and unusual color combinations of the material and the paint colors. This is one such set.



Of course Bams cannot be green here, they would never be seen! So we have white Bams on the green background. The pink adds a bit of snap to it.



The pink Crak wans are lovely when paired with the blue Chinese numbers.


The Flowers are the beauties often seen. The Green Dragons are White, the Red are the pink, and the White are an elaborate white frame. The Winds are the lovely blue color.




The One Dot has a meander as one of the outside rings, with a flower petal center. The other Dots are the flower heads inside a circle.


One thought on “Green set

  1. Tony Watson

    My theory is that these tiles were originally translucent Jade Green (trying to emulate Jade/Jadeite tiles), but the catalin has aged yellow which has changed it to this khaki? colour. The tiles exhibit the internal crazing which is a feature of early formulations of catalin.

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