German Tile Identification List



I thought you would enjoy seeing this "helpful" sheet. It certainly seems to me that the person who made it up did not play Mahjong. You will note that some tiles, such as the Craks, are upside down, while others are right side up.

If only this had the same value as the Inverted Jenny stamp!

Translations of the suits are interesting. Kringel is a ring shaped biscuit or ring, Matador means matador, and Drachen is Dragons. Each flower pot looks like it has a scholar's rock next to it. These rocks are often seen on Flower tiles.'s_rocks 

One thought on “German Tile Identification List

  1. Tony Watson

    This looks like an illustration of a playing card set; it looks very like a De La Rue set that I have, but with extra opposite corner numbers/suits.

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