Simple wood set with French and English



This little set is quite delightful in the designs seen on the tiles. The Craks are painted with a bit of flair, and the Dots have plum blossom centers. (Plum blossoms have five petals, symbolizing the five blessings. ) I think the One Bam bird has a lot of spirit, and the other Bams are unusual with their white striped markings. One set of the Flower tiles has the flowers often seen on these tiles. The Red and Green Dragons have the traditional letters and symbols on them: Green has the F for Fa (prosperity) and Red has C for Chung (Center). The White Dragon has the P for Po (blank).



These are wind indicators. Interestingly they have some French words (Nord, Est, Sud but not Ouest for West) for the directions, but English words for the seasons and flowers. These pieces of wood are quite big, each about the size of 12 tiles put together. The Winds have a lot of "personality" in the way they are painted.



The set came in this sweet cardboard box with wooden button drawer pulls.

One thought on “Simple wood set with French and English

  1. Tony Watson

    Love this set, unusual proportions and, like you, I like the fluidity of the Winds. The wood appears to be beech and the box looks very much like the style of Galeries Lafayette de Paris.

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