Chinese Game Company

Chinese Games Company
Chinese Game Company

Chinese Game Company was based in Montreal, Canada. It made fabulous hand-carved and painted Mahjong sets.

You can see here the Bamboo sprout One Bam, very much resembling a pineapple which many people call it.  The bright colors and unique arrangement of the Dots are also hallmarks of these sets. If you look carefully at the Dots, from the 4 Dot upward, you will notice that those four dots stay constant in their positions and colors, and other dots are just added to the tile, making the carving much simpler.

The red Flowers show a fisherman, musician, farmer and scholar. The green Flowers have an unusual placement of the 2. None of the Flowers have a Chinese word on them.

The Dragons are old style. The Green is the symbol Fa for prosperity, the Red Chung for center, and the White P for Po meaning white blank.

Chinese Game NEWS
Chinese Game NEWS

These wind markers came with the set. The color goes really well with the paint on the tiles. Sadly the West was lost, but desperation prevailed, and a new bit of the set's history came about.

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  1. Tony Watson

    I have a set by Chinese Games Co which is 2-layer Acetate; white top with poorly printed designs which feature a similar sprout #1 bamboo, diamond #9 circles and imitation amber acetate backs - very unusual.
    The label on the box says Mah-Johng - maybe their 'trademark', like Parker Bros' use of Mah Jongg.

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